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 Click here as Ralph writes about a good shoot and a nice stringer of ducks as well.


• Care of Your Retriever


 The duck hunting season might end in January, but care of your retriever is a year-round project. Click here for an article entitled "Tune Up That Pup," reprinted with permission from Wildfowl Magazine.











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    Enjoy the following recipes, recommended

    and sent in by Stillbow members!


    • Roast Canvasback (Ralph)

    • Goose Sausage (Marv)

    • Duck Kebabs (Mike)

    • Smoked Duck (Mike)


Shooting Positions Available


STILLBOW DUCK CLUB: Stillbow is a membership owned club that is based upon 30 member-shares. The current estimated valuation per share is at approximately $75-80K and any new member must shoot for at least one year as a "shooting member" prior to joining.


We are wait listed at this time. Interested individuals should contact Steven Wildblood at stillbowinfo@gmail.com to ensure they are queued up --or, if you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to join our club.






On the Calendar


• Oct 18th – Next Board Meeting

• Oct 18th – 2019 Opening Dinner and Draw

• Oct 19th – 2019 Season Opener



Stillbow-related Post on https://vimeo.com/180324439

DUTV Spotlights the Central Valley


DUTV headed west to California just prior to Christmas, joining long-time DU supporter Dennis Campini and his son, Logan, for a great exposure to the Grasslands in the northern San Joaquin Valley. Dennis is the president of the Grassland Resource Conservation District and the Stillbow Duck Club, which has a long history of waterfowl tradition and waterfowl characters. The club was originally formed around the 1900s by Henry Miller Bowles and a Dr. Stills, thus the name "Stillbow." One of the first families of the American West, the Fleishhackers, owned the club when it was only possible to reach the shooting grounds by train and wagon, and famed actor Clark Gable was a regular visitor.


DUTV host and WAT Board member, J.P. Morris, led the two-day hunt along with DU biologist Dr. Fritz Reid. The morning started with heavy fog and shifted into rain as the group shot out of a stand-up blind with a rich mix of species roaring through from three different sloughs. Green-winged Teal and American wigeon made up most of the targets for the day in Stillbow's very shallow, moist-soil habitat, which is dominated by swamp timothy and bulrush. After a fun morning, shooters and crew gathered for lunch and chatted about the challenges of drought, alternative uses of water, and urban expansion into the afternoon.







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