Stillbow Ranch Inc.

5/14/19 Dos Palos, CA


Annual Meeting Minutes of May 4th, 2019

Called to order at 9:01 a.m. by President R. Kirk

Members present (17/29):, M. Beil, P. Boghosian, B. Bowery, D. Campini, T. Carter, J. Charlton, G. Favagrossa, R. Foell, M. Fournier, S. Foxworthy, D. Geserick, T. Kelly, R. Kirk, S. Kirk, M. Portera, S. Wildblood, A. Wilson


Proxies sent in (6/29):  J. Alves (R. Kirk), G. Augusta (S. Kirk), J. Gibbs (T. Carter), D. Hagen (D. Geserick) , K. Martin (S. Kirk), D. Warda (R. Kirk).


No proxies/no vote (6/29):  T. Brassfield, F. Echaide, R. Griffin, K. Rotolo, P. Thibault (sent late), K. Van Kastel


Treasurer Report: $201K in savings of which $19.5K is allocated to the Capital Improvement fund, & $14.7K to the well tower fund. Another $11K will be added to the Capital improvement fund from member dues this year, bringing that total to $30K available by the start of the new season.  One outstanding note receivables is at $18K, however Foxworthy made a significant payment which all but paid this off.  Motion made to approve the report – approved.


2019/2020 Budget: We ended the 2018/2019 year over budget by $5k.  For 2019/2020, overall operating budget is $129k with income of $124k.  This accounted for 28 members, so if we keep 29 members (Beil) for the year income will increase to $128k.  It was noted that water costs are expected to rise over the next few years.  2019/2020 budget was approved by the membership.


Transfer Fee & Share Price:  Transfer fee and Share price will remain unchanged for this year, at $5k and $80k respectively.


Well Tower Funds:  It was noted by T. Carter that the membership had passed a motion a few years ago to divert 50% of the guest fees to the Well Tower Fund, which has not been done.  It was agreed that we would start this now and going forward.

The most critical item for the Tower is to replace the siding, which is deteriorating.  Randy estimates that it will cost $20-25k for new siding, so we will continue to save, likely need 2 more years.

Dennis also noted that he has Stillbow stickers that he had made and is selling for $5 each, with all proceeds going to the Well Tower Fund.


Old Business:


Membership Status:  Marv Beil, after 49 years as a Stillbow member, has turned in his resignation letter to the Board.  The Board rejected his resignation and asked him to stay on for 2 more years.  However, after the annual meeting, Mrs. Beil rejected the Board’s rejection, so Marv will not be returning for his 50th season with Stillbow.


Ralph Hayden also turned in his resignation and will be paid off.

Welcome Gino Favagrossa as a new member!  The membership voted him in prior to the annual meeting.  We are at 29 members plus 2 shooting members for 2019/2020.


Shooting Member Update:  Welcome Dave Campbell and Doug Rodrigues as shooting members for 2019/2020.  We are down to just 3 people on the waiting list, 2 of which declined to become shooting members this year but asked to remain on the list.


Reminder to the membership that we are always looking for new people to put on the list.  Send recommendations to S. Wildblood to be added to the list.


Website and password:

i. www.stillbowranch.com

ii. Password:  britt0


Contact list: An updated contact list is posted on the club website


2018/2019 Harvest Statistics: Finished the 2018/2019 season at 3337 birds harvested, with 4.67 birds per gun and a total of 715 guns. This is down ~370 birds from previous season, but average is much higher compared to neighboring clubs in the grasslands.


2019/2020 Hunting Season: USFW has increased the upcoming season by 5 days to 105 days.  Season will kick off on Sat, Oct 19th and end on Friday Jan 31st.  The youth hunt will be Feb 8th/9th.  We agree we will hunt on Wednesday Jan 29th and Friday Jan 31st.


Wild Game Feed: Feedback is that keeping this in the first half of December is good.


Grassland Fundraiser:  Expect that the fundraiser will be held on Jan 10th, as the first Friday of Jan is too close to New Year’s Day.


New Business:


Membership Votes

• It was brought for a membership vote that we will require a 2/3rds majority approval of all members (not just members present) for new members to be voted in.  After a little discussion, a motion was made to approve this amendment and was passed.


Capital Improvement Projects:

i. BBQ Exhaust:  This is still in need of replacement.  Griffin is still the one in charge of this.

ii. The main clubhouse is in need of new siding – this will be a project in the coming years, since we freshly painted it last year.  But something we need to start planning for.

iii. Proposal to push out the refrigerator in the bar area.  Must keep the bar intact and not change the feel of the area.  Would simply create a cutout area similar to where the water heater is outside the kitchen.  R. Kirk will look into this more.

iv. We need to replace the leaky kitchen refrigerator.  This will be done during the offseason.


Trailer Electrical:

• A. Wilson (with big help from Bowery) replaced all the electrical to the trailers on the east side of the club.  This was a safety issue as wiring was insufficient and we were at high risk of shorting out.  Time was 100% donated.  Ask is for each trailer owner on the east side to pay Andy $220 for material costs only (wire, boxes, breakers).


• Trailer owners responsible for payment:  Portera, Bowery, Campini, Wildblood, Van Gastel, Rotolo, Fournier, Griffin, Alves, Echaide, Charlton.


• It was also noted that a trailer has been parked at the end since Jan.  This belongs to Ken Martin Jr.  It was asked to be removed, J. Charlton will remind Ken of the need to move the trailer out.


Committee Reports:


Blinds:  Removed R. Hayden, added Gino, Jeff, and new shooting members Doug and Dave to this committee.  Need to rebuild standup blind #21 – Gino and Dennis will head this up.  Need to make it bigger.  Need to raise the floor in blind #14.  Also need to look at rebuilding stand up blind #34 – it is small and floods.


AED:  No formal training this year, T. Carter will do informal training in small groups.


Ponds: Water costs will rise $4k over the nest 2-3 years.

A. Wilson will continue his re-seeding program based on the success from last year.  The loafing ponds were re-seeded last year.  Proposal is to re-seed the ponds around 21/22/23 this year.  Plan is to seed in early June.  Will reimburse Andy & Greg for $650 last year and expect to need up to $1000 for this year.


We also are getting too many tulles and will need to start some eradication efforts.  Dennis noted that it is still OK to burn tulles over water.


Equipment:  Gino added to the committee.  Minor replacements needed.


Decoys: Andy is the decoy committee chairman.  Nothing more to report.



(continued in column 2)








Saturday, October 19: Season Opens


(2019 Annual Minutes continued)


House:  Did have one major sewer backup around the end of the season, but no additional work expected at this time.

Discussion around ensuring that the trailer at the southeast end of the club trailer park is removed ASAP.  J. Charlton will talk to Ken Jr. about getting it moved out, it should not have been left so long after the close of duck season.


Matt has taken on cleaning of the water filters – big help to the house committee!


It was also discussed that some water leaks were found from trailers.  Need to ensure that anyone with a trailer MUST shut off water and recommend to unplug power during off season.  This will help to cut down unnecessary costs that are incurred by all!


Caretaker Discussion:

We also had a lengthy discussion regarding pay for the caretakers.  Given the added responsibilities that they have willingly taken on (mowing, water, etc) as well as just how good the club looks overall, the board and membership agreed to give the caretakers a 10% raise, effective June 1, 2019.



Upcoming Dates: As follows


• Oct 18th – Next Board Meeting

• Oct 18th – 2019 Opening Dinner and Draw

• Oct 19th – 2019 Season Opener


Meeting adjourned at 10:24 a.m.


Steve Wildblood




© Copyright 2011 Stillbow Ranch, Inc.

Saturday, October 19: Season Opens
Saturday, October 19: Season Opens
Saturday, October 19: Season Opens